What is a Moisture Barrier?

A Moisture Barrier (also called Vapor Barrier) is a cost-effective method of damp proofing the crawl space, resulting in many long-term benefits to your home and health.

vapor moisture barriers

Crawl spaces, basements are inherently dark and damp places. Over time, moisture (water vapor) from a damp soil will move into your home mostly through air, resulting in damp, mold and mildew.

Keep moisture under control and out of your living spaces.

Moisture Barriers consist of one or more layers of specialized plastic sheeting (typically Visqueen), sealed to entirely encapsulate crawlspace and basements.

When professionally designed and installed, moisture barriers have multitude of benefits often overlooked by home owners.

What are the benefits?


Prevent Rot and Mold

Your crawl space is an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow. If unchecked, over time it will rot the wooden structures.

Improve Air Quality

Moisture creeping into your home will increase humidity. This is bad for your health and pocket with higher energy bills.

Keep Out Pests

Rodents, termites and other pests love dark and damp spaces. Make the crawl space a lot more uncomfortable for them.


We can list many other benefits of having a moisture barrier installed in your crawl space or basement.

Important point is, moisture in your crawl space creeping into your home is bad for your health and bad for your home.

A professionally installed barrier keeps it close to the soil, away from causing serious harm to building structure and your health.

“In most U.S. climates, vapor barriers, or — more accurately — vapor diffusion retarders, should be part of a moisture control strategy for a home.”

The IRC (International Residential Code) recommends builders install a Class-I or -II vapor retarder on the interior side of homes in climate zones such as Seattle and Tacoma.


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