If you have a basement or crawl space,
moisture and even flooding is a common problem.

Many of us hardly notice this but the damage it can cause to your foundations and even to your health is real.

You don’t need a heavy rainfall or melting snow to have a damp or flooded crawl space.
It can happen to anyone, even during the dry season!

Determining The Right Drainage System Is The Key To Solving Your Crawl Space Water Problems.

We focus on prevention

sump pump illustration
A Sump Pump Illustration
A Sump Pump can protect your home from severe flooding and costly repairs by removing the problem before it begins.

What is a sump pump?

Sump Pumps are electro-mechanical devices that collect water entering your crawl space and drains it well away from your foundations into a nearby storm drain or outdoor area where it no longer poses a treat to your home.

When the water reaches a pre set level, a float switch triggers the Sump Pump to engage.

In heavy rainfall areas, Sump Pumps are an essential part of flood preventation. It protects your crawl space and foundations against costly repairs.


Your Questions Answered

Can my plumber fit a Sump Pump?

Fitting a sump pump is not just a plumbing job! Location of the sump is very important, and this requires a through understanding of the causes of water accumulating in your crawl space.

What is the lifespan of a Sump Pump?

Sump Pump is an electro-mechanical device. Like other appliances in your home, it will not last forever. A quality sump pump should give you around ten years of service.

Do I really need a Sump Pump installed?

Short answer is “Not necessarily”. We install a sump pump if there is a lot of water accumulating inside the crawl space. Otherwise, we can instead create a natural drainage path for the water to flow out without a pump.

Will my crawl space be completely dry?

Even after the excess water is drained out with or without a pump, damp in your crawl space can cause mold and mildew to grow. We recommend installing a vapor (moisture) barrier to prevent vapor diffusion into building cavities.

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    A professionally installed drainage system, with or without a sump pump removes standing and excess water from your crawl space or basement, preventing serious water damage to the foundations.

    Even after excess water is drained, mold and mildew can grow in the damp environment. If ignored, this can pose a structural and health threat.

    At Attic Star, we provide complete, permanent crawl space and basement solutions. With moisture barriers and sump pumps, your home is fully protected against water damage and mold.

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